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  Mr.Hamish,an engineer who worked for John Deere for 37 years,decided to develop a UTV vehicle that worked for demanding farming environments after his friend suffered an ATV accident in 2006.He brought his dream and his concept vehicle to China in search of a capable business partner.He believed the rapid development capabilities of Chinese industries could help bring his dream to life.However,8 years past and he failed many times.In spite of the numerous setbacks,he refused to give up and in 2014 he finally met Sinomach,China’s biggest mechanical machinery company.Together they cooperated to design and manufacture a safe and reliable vehicle suitable for the harsh working conditions of an agricultural operation.Due to Sinomach’s60 years of experience manufacturing agriculture and construction machinery and Mr.Hamish’s concept vehicle,Avatar Company has developed a UTV that far out-performs other vehicle offerings developed and marketed for recreational use.Over the last three years,starting with Mr.Hamish’s concept vehicle,we developed and improved constantly to meet the rigorous requirements and testing conditions of New Zealand’s forbidding environment.Now we can proudly proclaim that our vehicle is complete,at work and meeting the requirements of New Zealand’s farmers!


  1.Chassis be pressed for whole piece and hot galvanizing prevent chassis broken and rust by violent vibration and impact in 15 years

  2.Front and rear differential with big endurance torque capacity,electric differential lock and four wheel drive

  3.Reliable and stable car brake system and electric control hand brake system,ensure vehicle with 300KG load can be braked on 30 degree hill by handbrake

  4.High quality steer rock and electric power steer ensure vehicle safe and reliable

  5.Multilayer seal and protection wheel bearing ensure vehicle wheel drive safe and reliable on any condition road

  6.Quiet vehicle with safe and comfortable driver’s cab and full window glass and three seat in cab

  7.Big power output power(1000CC diesel output power 62HP,1200cc petrol output 60HP)and big output torque

  8.Big diameter tyre ensure vehicle have very good barrier passing

  9.Heavy load capacity and light vehicle weight

  10.Independent suspension system can be adjusted by different require