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  • YT1126
  • YT1126
Maximum flow200 L / min
Voltage12V DC
Bore (double cylinder)2x60mm
Maximum pressure150PSI
Thermal fuse protection100℃
Working cycle45Minute
Motor output power950W
Cooling modeHeat sink
Power line length1.8m 
Power typeBattery power
Current protectionCircuit breaker with reset function

Air pump connector
0.5 m rubber hose

Rubber tube
4.5 meters of rubber hose

Joint form
A threaded joint, a quick connector

Pressure gauge
0-150 PSI
Air pump size (length and width)
Net weight
10.8 kgs
3 air nozzles for sports and camping equipment

Flow, current, pressure relationship
Flow rate (L / min)Electric currentpressure(kg/cm2)
200(L / min)N/A0 PSI(0kg/cm2)
137(L / min)54Amp10 PSI(0.7kg/cm2)
110(L / min)62Amp20 PSI(1.4kg/cm2)
100(L / min)69Amp30 PSI(2.1kg/cm2)
90(升/分钟)74Amp40 PSI(2.8kg/cm2)
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